Mission Statement

Here at Cult Credentials, we take our trash seriously—but not too seriously. We believe that films of all varieties are worthy of study and appreciation, and that the Something Weird library of titles is just as important as the Criterion Collection. That is to say, trash is just as much art as art is.

How does one define cult film? It is a notoriously difficult definition to nail down, because it is a field that is expansive, expanding, and highly subjective. Furthermore, the mainstream on occasion embraces a subgenre that had hitherto been held at arm’s length, calling its cult status into question. Our goal here is not to narrow the focus to pinpoint precision and emerge with an agreeable definition—that would be a fool’s errand. Rather, we simply want to investigate and explore the cinematic landscape without a compass. The most exciting roadtrips often occur when you aren’t sure where you’re going, much less how you’ll get there. However, we will often keep the vehicle pointed just a hair left of the mainstream (whatever that means, anymore).

Films that may be covered include, but are not limited to: horror, sci-fi, exploitation, biker films, drug films, juvenile delinquent films, crime films, and film noir. Each entry will include a spoiler-free capsule review, and a more in-depth discussion below the line break where spoilers may be present. Consider yourself warned.

On occasion, we’ll also venture outside the film world and into other forms of media. Cult is not limited to cinema, after all…

If you would like me to consider your film for review, please e-mail me at JonnyxMetro[at]Hotmail.com, or contact me using the form on the contact page.