Suggested Podcasts

Killer POV podcast

Killer POV

Join hosts Rob Galluzzo, Rebekah McKendry, and Elric Kane as they discuss what genre films they’ve watched that week, interview an industry guest, and tackle a new theme each episode. Their chemistry is fantastic, and each brings a different type of expertise and passion to the table. Killer POV lasted for 140 stellar episodes, all of which are still archived and available to download. As far as I’m concerned, no other horror podcast has ever come close to this level of consistent quality and entertainment.

Shockwaves podcast


The fine folk from Killer POV team up with Ryan Turek from Blumhouse for this podcast that carries the torch proudly. Occasional bonus episodes shake up the format, diving into horror music and more, reminding us that horror runs deeper than just movies.

Pure Cinema podcast

Pure Cinema

The mellifluous voice of Elric Kane returns again for the third time, as he teams up with Brian Saur of the blog Rupert Pupkin Speaks to obsess over oddball cult films. This podcast is still in its early days, so the format is still evolving, but I expect great things…and plenty of entertaining digressions.

Werewolf Ambulance podcast

Werewolf Ambulance

Hosts Katie and Allen watch horror films—sometimes painful ones—and break down the plot in a humorous play-by-play manner. Spoilers abound here, so if you haven’t seen the movie being discussed but intend to, watch it before you listen. Katie relishes her misanthropy, and Allen is slowly realizing that he’s not as metal as he used to be, and their riffing off of one another consistently leads to multiple laugh out loud moments per episode.

CadaverCast podcast


Jef and his five year old son Alistair are big monster movie fans, and they watch them together before dissecting and discussing them in this amazing podcast. Alistair alternates between amazingly astute observations and age-appropriate meandering, and Jef does an admirable job of giving him just enough room to run wild without going off the rails. This is a family-friendly podcast, so if you’ve got a young monster fan at home, then this should definitely be on your radar; but even if you don’t have children, there’s still plenty to enjoy. CadaverCast is always fun, fresh, heartwarming, and hilarious.

'80s All Over podcast

‘80s All Over

Film critics Drew McWeeny and Scott Weinberg revisit the cinema of the 1980s in order of their release. Each episode is dedicated to a different month, and they discuss every major film in theaters during that period. There are plenty of movie podcasts out there, but ‘80s All Over stands apart from the rest due to the “open genre” format and chronological approach. Both hosts have an obvious passion for the era, and their lively capsule reviews coupled with expertly-inserted audio clips instill that passion in the listeners, as well.

You Must Remember This podcast

You Must Remember This

Karina Longworth is the creator and host of this expertly produced and painstakingly researched podcast that goes deep into classic Hollywood to explore the little-known bits of history that reside there. Musical cues, non-intrusive reenactments, and flawless storytelling transport us back to a time we likely never knew in the first place in a way that no other show has managed.

Slums of Film History Podcast

Slums of Film History

Alternating episodes, longtime friends Slate and Tom tackle a “taboo” subject of film, ranging from toxic waste to cannibalism and everything in between. They typically start at the earliest known example recorded on film and then discuss the biggest or most notable examples through today. Occasional mistakes creep in, as they are quick to point out that they are fans and not experts, but it is an always fun and informative listen for anyone with a taste for the unusual.

Kill by Kill Podcast

Kill by Kill

Can a podcast dedicated (almost) solely to a single franchise be consistently hilarious? If it’s hosted by Patrick Hamilton and Gena Radcliffe, the answer is a resounding YES. On each episode, our hosts examine a couple of characters from the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise in the order in which they are killed, discuss their lives and their deaths, and then decide which way they personally would rather shift off this mortal coil. It’s a wonderful refresher course on the film series, looking at things in a new perspective, and is packed with laugh out loud moments. Here’s hoping they move on to the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET franchise once they make their way through the FRIDAYS. I want this train to keep on rolling.